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Being user freindly anybody can access information and astrologer too find it very easy to convince their customers The Jathaka ,Panchanga, Match making of horoscopes done using Astrolite can be converted as a pdf file and sent through email anywhere.

The presence of Chandrakriya, Chandravastha calculation etc is very helpful. All these features make it very competitive. A Jathaka made by using this software has many added features --Bhavabala, Drukbala, etc with percentage thereby making it vey accurate. Rashmi ganitha too helps in the accuracy of the predictions,Even the the Arishtayoga and Bhangayoga are got very clearly. The Visha Ghati Dosha , Ushnashikha Dosha etc in the particular Dasha Bhukthi make it more clear. Therefore even a layman can get benefited from this software.

Astrolite –All-in-One

 For Desktop/Laptop


Prashna Calcualations







For Andriod Mobile

Jathaka Calculation,Prashna Calc Matching of HoroScope 



For Andriod Mobile

 Jathaka Calculation, Matching of HoroScope


Online Prepaid A/c

For Any Mobile/Any PC.

Internet Connection required.

 Jathaka, Matching of HoroScopes


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