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What does your future hold? This is one question that every one of us would like to know. Astrolite brings you online Astrological counseling from renowned Indian astrologers on all the aspects of your life. Astrology can provide you with some answers, encompassing all the important areas of life. We bring you the best of this ancient science from the renowned Indian Vedic Astrologers for in-depth analysis & predictions in the areas of love, marriage, money, career, family, education, spirituality and also counseling. Click below for your personalized report.

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Blue Moon
What exactly is a Blue Moon? The 'Blue Moon' does't have anything to do with color...
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Is Astrology Natural?
Astrology just an undiscovered natural phenomenon of the kind that is finally amenable to science? Some people think...
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The Importance of the Birth Moment
In astrology, we take the moment of birth as the beginning of life. The natal...
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