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Astro Lite

Astrolite is known for its quality. Being a astrologer you can utilise this product for Generating Variety ofAstrology services in Astrolit- Horoscope Astrolite-Match Making, Astrolite-Auspious time finder, Astrolite-Astrolite-AstaMangala/Swarna Prashna Comparison Chart.
Astro Lite

Android Apps

Being user freindly anybody can access information and astrologer too find it very easy to convince their customers The Jathaka ,Panchanga, Match making of horoscopes done using Astrolite Android Apps.
Android Apps

HoroScope (Jathaka/JanmaPatrik)

Motive of a Horoscope As per astrology, there is a saying, "जातस्य व्रत्तं जातकम् ". Accordingly, Jathaka is a record or proof of a person's complete life cycle. Requisites for a Horoscope The essentials for a horoscope are person's date of birth, time and place. One can also provide their parent's name as well as Gotra.

Product For Astrologer.

Being user freindly anybody can access information and astrologer too find it very easy to convince their customers The Jathaka ,Panchanga, Match making of horoscopes done using Astrolite can be converted as a pdf file and sent through email anywhere.
Product For Astrologer

Sani dosha

Shani Dosha is also considered as one of the parameters of Kundli Matching i.e. the compatibility analysis system in the Indian system of matrimony. It is a condition dependent on the position of Shani(saturn) at the time of birth of an individual. Get this report to know if the shani dosha condition exists in your chart or not.
Sani Dosha

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Indian Astrology ("Jyothisha shastra") comprises of thee parts - "Siddanth", "Samhita", "Hora". Among these, Hora conveys the attributes of the Jataka. Using this one can analyse future of an individual. The Hora is further divided into - "Samhithe", "Muhurtha", "Jathaka" and "Prashna".

Vedanga Jyothisha The nature around us is so strange that many aspects can only be felt or their presence is not visible to the naked eye. The tides have a direct relation to the movement of moon. Similarly the presence of sun. For eg: a person born during a low lunar influence is susceptible to mental disorders. Modern science is very competitive or has answer to many aspects but still there's a lot to wonder. The Vedanga Jyothisha is highly capable in knowing about the planetary position , eclipse, the sun rise and sun set etc. Since ancient times, Vedas have been used to interpret the natural aspects which have been along to the human senses. That's why it's said अतीन्द्रियार्थविज्ञानॆ प्रमाणं श्रुतिरॆव हि.

"वॆदस्यचक्षुःकिलशास्त्रमॆतत् प्रधानतांगॆषु ततॊस्य युक्ता
अंगॆर्युतॊन्यैरपिपूर्णमूर्तिः चक्षुर्विना कःपुरुषत्वमॆति "

Accordingly , it is said, Jyothisha is the eye of Veda.

पूर्वकर्मफलं भॊक्तुं जन्तॊर्यदिह जीवनम् means a person is believed to reborn according to his wrong doings or good deeds. This science leads a person to solve the problem related to Aadhibhouthika, Aadhidaivika and Aadhyathmika and there are Devaruna, Pithruruna and Rishiruna too, which are believed to have an effect on rebirth and evade the troubles of life. There for a common man is blessed with Jyothisha given by renowed sages.

According to Vedas, there are prescribed measure and their way in order to help an individual seeking his desires. So, the timing of any auspicious deeds brought the relevance of "Muhurta" through Jyothisha . But of late Jyothisha is being used to know the present, past and future.

Astrolite Product and Services imbibed all these aspects in of Vedanga Jyotisha which havebeen so accurate making its highlly competitive in its class. Our research is still on to make it one of the novel one. We invite suggestions from people associated to this field to make it more efficient.

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