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HoroScope (Jathaka/JanmaPatrik)

Motive of a Horoscope As per astrology, there is a saying, "जातस्य व्रत्तं जातकम् ". Accordingly, Jathaka is a record or proof of a person's complete life cycle. Anybody born on this earth has planetary influence on his life. It may have physical or mental implications. So, the Jathaka helps the person to know before such implications and be prepared for the consequences. The ultimate motive of the Jathaka is to lead him towards "Moksha" by performing Satkarma,thereby experiencing Artha and Kama.

Requisites for a Horoscope The essentials for a horoscope are person's date of birth, time and place. One can also provide their parent's name as well as Gotra.

Matching of horoscopes -Marriage

The compatibility of horoscope is very important in marriage for a bride and the groom. This software depicts very clearly the 'Samshaka kundali', "Shishtadasha" as well as "Koota". The percentage depiction of Saravali is very apt. The software analyse the "Papa samyathe" , "Sapthamashtama", and the "Dasha sandhi". It can match the horoscope even in simple terms,thereby making it conducive for the user. The user needs to provide only the name of the couples, their date of birth, time and place. Alternatively, a person can match the horoscope with only the Nakshthra and Rashi too.

Muhurtha (Auspious Time )

The software is compatible for any kind of Muhurtha ,say for Brahmopadesha, Marriage or any other auspicious occasion.This is very helpful to the astrologer since it gives the Grahasputa and Bhavasputa and the apt muhurtha can be using 'tarabala' or matching of Nakshatras. These muhurta have their basis from the 'Muhurthapadavi' and 'Muhurta madhaviya'.


A user can know the thithi,vara, nakshtra,yoga, karana ,ghati and vighati as well as the hours of his desired location of the year ranging from 1900 to 2050.


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